Vibrational Clearing Sprays

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Aromatherapy and aura clearing sprays crafted in Sedona, Arizona with high-quality essential oils, locally made flower and crystal essences and pure artesian well water

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To order, ask questions, more info, Clearing and Restoration, Three Star One, 12 Rays of Creation and other Vibrational Essence Blends, please contact us here

Palo Santo

Clearing and Restoration Aura Clearing Spray


The  wood of the Palo Santo tree has been used by Shamans in South America for centuries. Related to the frankincense family, this oil is slightly pungent yet sweet at the same time. Some believe Palo Santo’s high vibration and cleansing qualities are as effective as sage. This energetic clearing spray contains Palo Santo oil that has been ecologically gathered, along with crystal, gem and flower essences in pure Sedona Artesian Well water.

White Light Crystal and Aura Clearing Spray


This mist contains the elixirs of over thirty crystals, gems and minerals as well as the flower essence of red rose. The rose flower carries one of the highest vibrations on the earth. With the guidance of the Overlighting Deva of Healing, this elixir was activated in the powerful vortex of Bell Rock near Sedona, Arizona

In pure water with a light amount of sage and cedar essential oil, this mist can be used for clearing any density in any situation you are guided to utilize it.

Sedona Mist

Multilevel Protection Aura Spray

A vibrational auric mist that will assist in not only strengthening your physical energy field, but your emotional, mental and etheric bodies as well.
Can be misted lightly around one’s body or in the air and on one’s pillow before sleep.

Contains multilevel protection blend elixir with cedar and lavender essential oils in pure water.

“Thought I’d let you know that when I started using the protection spray a 3D golden torus shape appeared around my body and through my core. It is quite beautiful, very mathematical somehow. I think if I could hear it, it would be humming like in science fiction movies 🙂 Cool!”

Becky Witt – Life Vessel Santa Barbara

Ascended Master St. Germain

Violet Fire Elixir and Aura Spray

Imagine a transformation/transmutation so great, it changes one’s very atomic structure. Imagine taking the emotional charge off of past conflicts and trauma. Imagine removing all obstacles to be able to work sincerely from the heart, the Love That I AM, radiating outwards in all directions.

With friend and associate-mystical clairvoyant, healer and nature shaman Omorose, we have co-created a vibrational elixir designed to burn away all dross and free one up to take action upon their soul’s mission.

Ascended Master St Germain has played a large part in this process of co-creation. I honor him for his tireless work in supporting the earthbound masters (us) and providing us with the stunning transformational tool that is the Violet Flame.

I feel that we have infused this transformational vibration into our elixir, which can be provided to all who require or desire it.

It is time for us to walk our path in our own Mastery!

The elixir in this aura spray was created and infused with unconditional love and sacred divine light. It contains selected flower & crystal essences, high vibrational essential oils and the alchemy of St. Germain and the violet flame. The intention infused into each bottle is to quicken the divine alchemy of the violet flame within each individual; assisting in the ascension process ushering in the golden age of heaven on earth.
The violet flame is the highest frequency visible in the color spectrum on our planet. Color and vibration have been used since ancient times to heal the body and facilitate balance & harmony within the mind & spirit. It is believed that every ascended being realized the violet flame prior to their ascension. It is also believed by many spiritual adepts that ascension is the ultimate goal of every human being on earth.

Violet Fire Aura Spray


With essential oils of frankincense and lavender                      


Attuned Crystal Vibrational Essence

Co-created for the DK Group by Rev. Terri Newlon and Sonoran Light

For more information about the teachings of Djwhal Khul, and many free transcripts, visit:

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  1. Anonymous

    I was hoping to get the Palo Santo vibration cleansing spray. I did not see it on the site. Can I still get it?

  2. Anonymous

    Love the vibrational sprays! Great for Cleansing and regrouping to a better vibration.

  3. I’ve been using the Protect & Restore and Multilevel Protection Aura sprays, and these have helped me with shielding and energetic repair work. They are remarkable & can really feel the love, healing, and intention that go into these.

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